Workplace Safety for Business/Organizations

Half Day (4 hours)



Course description: Workplace violence is a valid concern for all businesses and employees. Although this especially tragic form of violence is relatively uncommon, employers owe it to their employees, and the employees owe it to themselves, to take steps to prevent it, and if it cannot be avoided, to mitigate the human costs incurred. Fortunately, by applying some of the same principles police officers use to protect themselves from the dangers they face on a daily basis, businesses and employees alike can do a great deal to make their work environment safer and more secure. This course presents these principles and explains how they can be applied to the workplace, and to one-on-one confrontations with angry employees and co-workers.

Topics addressed include:


How to make your workplace less vulnerable to workplace violence
The crucial role of safety awareness in preventing and mitigating workplace violence
Safety planning
The critical importance of workplace violence drills
Dealing with hostile individuals
Personal safety in the workplace


Individuals: $95.00/per attendee

Host organizations receive a 20 percent discount for each of their employees/members
* Winning Edge Training reserves the right to cancel course due to insufficient class size (minimal class size dependent upon travel and lodging expenses) *

Businesses and Organizations: $1250.00 for the first 50 attendees, plus expenses; $25 each additional attendee after the first 50.

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