Winning Edge Training Student Testimonials

I have been with the sheriff's department for twenty years, and have always considered myself to be a safety conscious officer; however, shortly after class began, it started sinking in that I, at times, have allowed myself to become complacent. Since attending your course, I have found myself with a renewed sense of commitment to myself, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, to those who depend on me -- my family and friends, my co-workers, and my public. I have recommended your course to everyone I can in hopes they will attend and walk away from the course with the same impression that I have! THANK YOU.

Det. Ross Bishop
St. Charles County (MO) Sheriff’s Department



I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the two-day training seminar "The Winning Edge." I have attended thousands of hours of training over the years and found your presentation to be one of the most informative and interesting. … . Thank you for your service and your commitment to saving officers' lives.

Shawn Westbrooks
Criminal Justice Instructor
Three Rivers Community College
Poplar Bluff, MO


“Great information taught by a very knowledgeable instructor”

PO Larry Rosenbarski
Mount Prospect Police Department


I had the pleasure of attending your class (and) I again wanted to thank you for the training!  It was one of the most informative and inspirational trainings that I have attended, and I have been a police officer for nine years.  The course is a great way to make officers more aware of the various threats that we can/will encounter. It also enforces how important tactical training/preparation is for officers.

Investigator John Bucci
Algonquin Police Department


Very good class. Good material, excellent presentation. This class should be taught at all police academies.

PO Donald R Ward
Lombard Police Department


Great training to overcome complacency present in law enforcement officers. Mental preparation is as important as physical and tactical training. I wish that I would have had this training at the beginning of my career.

Investigator Steve Arp
DuPage County State Attorney’s Office


Great class! Gives officers the building blocks needed to keep them safer and to add to their training sessions back at their respective departments.

Officer Darrell Durell
Countryside Police Department




Very comprehensive class given the amount of material and the amount of time. Numerous points and videos used to stimulate discussion and thoughts of officer safety issues.

Bryant G. Savage
Hoffman Estates Police Department



Thank you for your wonderful presentation, I really enjoyed the class and learned a great deal. I began to pay more attention to my surroundings, and began carrying a back up firearm. I was a municipal Police Officer for ten years, and since I left municipal Police I have become more laid back, thinking I'm not going to the domestic calls anymore or shooting. Railroad Police respond to different kind of calls, but when we respond, it’s usually in a remote area with no back up and nobody knows where you are at. This class brought a new perspective to my thinking, and I decided never to let my guard down.  Thanks again.

Officer David Barajas
Canadian National Railroad Police



I enjoyed your class extremely, I think it is a must have for all law enforcement officers. I would recommend it to anyone.



Steve Conover
Canadian National Railroad Police


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