From Tragedy to Training II: Maximizing Case Studies as a Training Tool


One Day (8 hours)
(Law enforcement and military personnel only)


Course description: Case studies provide a powerful tool for learning about the realities of lethal encounters, and how training, tactics and other factors affect their outcome. For this reason, there is considerable interest among officer safety instructors about how to interview officers who have been involved in lethal encounters so we can learn as much as possible from these experiences. This requires sensitivity, trust building, and a clear understanding of the dynamics of armed encounters. This course teaches instructors how to interview officers who have been involved in lethal encounters, not for investigative purposes (as is commonly done), but for the purpose of learning from these experiences. In addition, it teaches instructors how to thoroughly analyze the information thus obtained for key learning points related to officer safety and training. This training makes extensive use of case studies and other interactive exercises to help in the real world application of the material presented.

Topics addressed include:


Establishing rapport with officer
How to obtain maximum information regarding the event
How to determine officer’s feelings thoughts, perceptions and rationale for his/her actions
Conducting a thorough analysis to learn as much as possible from the event
Integrating other research data with the case study approach to officer safety


Individuals: $135.00/per officer

Host agencies receive a 20 percent discount for each of their officers who attends
*Winning Edge Training reserves the right to cancel course due to insufficient class size (minimal class size dependent upon travel and lodging expenses) *

Police Academies and Other Approved Police Organizations: $1250.00 for the first 50 attendees, plus expenses; $25 each additional attendee after the first 50.

(Prices negotiable for special circumstances. Contact us for details)

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