Sharpening the Winning Edge: Improving Officer Safety Training for Trainers


Half Day (4 hours)

(Law enforcement and military personnel only)


Course description: The extensive research Brian McKenna has conducted in connection with his Officer Down column has revealed a great deal about how training can affect an officer’s performance in an actual lethal encounter. This experience, when coupled with his additional research into the dynamics of armed encounters and the maximization of performance under stress, has led Brian to conclude that a winning attitude can be encouraged and developed with proper training. In this course, he teaches officer safety instructors how to train officers in a way that instills them with a winning spirit and steadfast commitment to the public. It is our firm belief at WINNING EDGE TRAINING that a police officer’s greatest duty is to protect the public, and this training gives police trainers the skills needed to prepare their students to meet this solemn obligation.

Topics addressed include:


You as the key to your trainees’ ability to win on the street
Training with passion
Building self-confidence
Developing mental flexibility
Instilling a winning mindset
Instilling the Warrior Spirit in officers in a free society
Training officers to use force decisively but with restraint


Individuals: $115.00/per officer

Host agencies receive a 20 percent discount for each of their officers who attends
* Winning Edge Training reserves the right to cancel course due to insufficient class size (minimal class size dependent upon travel and lodging expenses) *

Police Academies and Other Approved Police Organizations: $1000.00 for the first 50 attendees, plus expenses; $20 each additional attendee after the first 50.

(Prices negotiable for special circumstances. Contact us for details)

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