Dear Officer,
We are working on a university based project which is trying to look at how the personalities of successful special operation/assignment LE officers are similar or different from one another on a number of personality traits, including healthy traits.  I am a forensic psychologist interested in improving hiring/selection and promotional decisions in law enforcement hiring decisions.  In this project, we are looking at officers who have had or have roles as K-9, SWAT/Tactical, Commanders, Snipers, Hostage Negotiators and Bomb & Arson personnel specifically.  Because of your success in the field, and expertise in LE and your special assignment experience, your participation would be valuable in improving our ability to improve selection decisions. We need 120 officers in total, and are about halfway to our goal.
It should take between 45-60 minutes and it is fully online and anonymous.  Minimal demographic data is requested, no identifying information is needed, and all participants are assigned a series of codes as the only identifiers.  Your identification is protected as you are provided a series of codes for the online assessment process.  If interested, the participants will have access to the results, which are presented in aggregate format only (protecting individual identities) by total group and by subgroup specialties.
If you are willing or interested in participating in this please reply to  If you would like further information, you may also contact or call 847-969-4946.  If you can think of anyone else who might be interested please forward them this email or email address.
Thanks again for your consideration of this request and your help.