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Officer Down: Lessons from the Streets is a compilation of many of the best articles from Brian McKenna’s popular Officer Down column. Each chapter recounts a lethal police encounter in detail, and then analyzes it for key learning points. Readers will learn not only what happened in each of these incidents, but why. They will gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of armed encounters, how violent offenders think, how various kinds of training can affect an officer’s performance, and the important role of mental preparation in combat situations. Various common hazards, many of which are unfamiliar to most officers, are also indentified, and solid options are offered for effectively dealing with them. Perhaps even more important, however, the book also focuses on positive learning points related to such things as proper tactics, good training, effective threat assessment, and winning mindset. In addition, Officer Down: Lessons from the Streets includes valuable material that police trainers can use to impart critical mental and tactical skills to their trainees.


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