Column Testimonials

First off, I want to thank you for the Officer Down article in the July/August 2007 Police Marksman magazine. I am a SWAT guy with 10 years experience and I don’t think I have ever read a more informative after-action review in my career. I picked up the magazine for a time killer on a slow night and was completely riveted. All of your points of interest in the review were well thought out and delivered. It’s easy for all of us road cops to drop our guard and brush off the warnings our stomachs are trying to tell us. This was the best example of survival through the example of others that I have ever read.

Second, I want you to know that I have made copies of the article for everyone on my squad. I sent them all home for the weekend with it as mandatory reading and expect that the article will impress them just as it has me. I want them all to put your lesson in their arsenal and maybe it will get them home on a night that someone else has battle in mind for them. Thank you again for such a useful and well-written guide to survival.

Corporal Adam Hicks
Flagstaff Police Department, Arizona


Brian, Dave Grossman here. I just had to write a short not to tell you, “Great job!” on the Police Marksman July/August piece…. What a great, inspiring, and awe-inspiring example of warriorhood and the sheepdog spirit. Well done, my friend. Keep up the fire!

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman
Former U.S. Army Ranger and author of On Combat and the Pulitzer Prize-nominated book On Killing


“I am retired from the Honolulu Police Department. While I was an active duty officer, I was the recipient of a lot of sage advice from your articles, especially the “Officer Down” series. It makes you think tactically. I even used some of the material during lineup to get those in my charges thinking while they were on patrol.… Thank you for the years of advice and reminders that helped me survive to see retirement from the police department.

Barry Bright
Honolulu, Hawaii


Outstanding write-up on this tragic event. I’ve incorporated some of the lessons to be learned into the feedback we give our students during related practical exercises. The analysis … will also be useful in an upcoming presentation I’ll be making on Defusing Hostility. Keep up the good work. You are saving lives!

Anthony J. Troeger
Special Agent/Instructor, Inspector
General Criminal Investigator Academy, FLETC
Glynco, GA


I find your magazine to be a valuable part of my ongoing education in the law enforcement field. The “Officer Down” report gets “cussed and discussed” at squad meetings and coffee breaks. The firearms instructor has also incorporated some of the confrontations in or district training

Michael Lehar
Tucson, AZ


Two officers of our department recently had a foot chase with an armed man. Despite much discussion and review later at the station, an in-house critique of the officer’s actions did not produce a definitive procedure that the officers should have taken in this particular occurrence. A call was then made to Officer Brian McKenna, author of your “Officer Down” series, requesting any input he might have. We are very pleased to tell you that Officer McKenna listened patiently, offered some initial information, and then called us back twice with further assistance after enacting the situation in his backyard. If that were not enough, McKenna then followed up with a 4-page letter plus photographs of various foot pursuit articles. To say the very least, we are greatly impressed with his concern and that of your magazine.

Charles N. Poellien
Rolling Meadows, IL