Brian McKenna












33 years police experience

Retired lieutenant, Hazelwood (MO)

Police Department

Author of Law Officer Magazine’s

popular “Officer Down” column

Author of various other articles on topics

related to officer safety

Certified Force Science Analyst

Lead firearms instructor,

Hazelwood Police Department

In-service training instructor,

Hazelwood Police Department

Member ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association)

Member IALEFI (International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors)

Contributing Editor for Law Officer Magazine

MS, Human Resource Development,

National Lewis University

Brian McKenna is the owner of WINNING EDGE TRAINING and its sole instructor. He recently retired after 30 years with the Hazelwood (MO) Police Department. At the time of his retirement, he was assigned to the patrol division as a shift supervisor (lieutenant), and also served as an in-service trainer and lead firearms instructor. He is a state certified police instructor and former academy instructor, and holds a Master’s Degree in human resource development.
Brian writes extensively on officer safety topics, and authors Law Officer Magazine’s Officer Down column, a regular feature that analyzes officer-involved shootings for key learning points. Officer Down originally appeared in the recently discontinued Police Marksman Magazine, where it ran for over 22 years and was the magazine’s most popular feature because of the powerful impact of real-life case studies on learning. This experience gave Brian the opportunity to conduct in-depth research into the dynamics of armed encounters and the most effective ways to control them. WINNING EDGE TRAINING is the culmination of this research, packed into training that uses the power of case studies, proven adult learning principles, and a dynamic presentation style to teach officers how to control violent encounters with the proper level of force. This training enables officers to do more than just survive violent encounters. It prepares them to control them with a strong command presence that often discourages resistance and, if resistance cannot be avoided, to overcome it in a controlled manner that significantly enhances their own safety while also reducing the possibility of excessive force. Brian believes that an officer’s greatest duty is to protect the public, and his training and writings provide officers with the mental and tactical tools they need to safely do so with the appropriate level of force.