Case Analyses



Officer involved shootings and other lethal force incidents, although often tragic, provide a wealth of information that can be used by trainers and administrators to improve tactics, training, and procedures in ways that will enhance officer performance, survivability and decision-making in the future. In addition, when researched and analyzed in sensitive and compassionate manner, the study of these unfortunate events can help the department and its officers heal from the emotional trauma often associated with them. By confronting the situation head on, regardless how tragic it may be, invaluable lessons can be learned that will ultimately benefit departments, its officer and the community alike. WINNING EDGE TRAINING has the experience and know-how to conduct such research and analyze the results in a sensitive yet effective manner that maximizes these benefits. The results of this study and analysis will be presented in written form and/or through personal presentations to administrators, trainers, or other specified groups in the agency. In many cases, maximum benefit can be derived from presentations to everyone involved in the incident, or even to the entire department.

Cost: $50.00 per hour, plus expenses


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