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WINNING EDGE TRAINING is committed to providing police officers with the best possible officer safety information and training, with major emphasis on tactics and mental preparation for violent encounters. This commitment is based on the firm belief that proper tactics and mental preparation enable officers to do more than just survive violent encounters. They prepare them to control these encounters with a strong command presence that often discourages resistance and, if resistance can’t be avoided, to overcome it in a controlled manner that significantly enhances their own safety while also reducing the possibility of excessive force. WINNING EDGE TRAINING believes that an officer’s greatest duty is to protect the public, and we provide officers with the mental tools and tactical options they need to safely do so with the appropriate level of force.





"No other person who can evaluate a deadly force encounter by police officers any better than Brian McKenna. His experience and reputation as a comprehensive writer concerning deadly force is legendary …. I have no doubt that this book will keep officers alive.”

Ed Nowicki, Executive Director
International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Association


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Since attending your course, I have found myself with a renewed sense of commitment to myself, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, to those who depend on me -- my family and friends, my co-workers, and my public. I have recommended your course to everyone I can in hopes they will attend.

Det. Ross Bishop
St. Charles County (MO) Sheriff’s Department


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